#rankersgurukul is here to help the students for all competitive exams especially #ssccgl #ssc #cpo The aim of this channel to spread #education in all the corner of India and enlighten all the students. #aspirants who are preparing for #ssc #examination #rankers_gurukul is the most trusted platform in #online #education sector. #rankers_gurukul is not an organization it is emotion of all the #aspirants #rankersgurukul is ready to serve all the #aspirants 24*7 OUR FACALITY #Reasoning - VIKRAMJEET SIR #Maths - ADITYA RANJAN SIR #English - PRASHANT SIR #Science - NEETU DHAKA MA'AM #G.S - SHIVANT SIR #Current_affairs - DEEPAK SIR AND MANY MORE. THOUGHT OF VIKRAMJEET SIR - Education as the perfect instrument for social change. Keep reading keep increasing. BY- RANKERS' GURUKUL

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